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Menabòh: responsible fashion all in one box.

Menabòh was born from the creativity of Gaia, Tuscan, under 30, who decided to transform her passion for fashion and shopping into an entrepreneurial idea. After a 4-year working experience in Milan, in the number one multinational company in the beauty sector, L’Oréal, the Polimoda Talent let her to transform has her desire to become an entrepreneur.

“The Menabòh project was born from the desire to give a new definition of fashion, in a less mainstream connotation. It is designed for all those looking for a real WOW in the online experience: information, fun and sustainability“.

To implement this revolution we use three major resources: emerging brands, the inspiration of designers to rework vintage garments and the surprise factor.

Revolutions always begin with a small act of subversion. Ours is the surprise factor!

Are you ready to live your moment of unexpected happiness?

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