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Andrea Marchi

Andrea Marchi


My career started with experiences as a designer of handmade fur and leather goods, as well as a role as accessories designer. Winning the prestigious MMawrd allowed me to present my collection 'Amara Meraviglia' based on the concept of upcycling and inspired by my motherhood. My main passion is manipulating materials (knitting and embroidery) to create something unexpected and unique. This is why I embraced upcycling: my goal is to create garments that express our creativity and allow dialogue through fashion.

Accomplished works


  • Basic Upcycling

    Basic garment modification. Customisation with simple embroidery. Various applications without modifying the garment's silhoutte.

    From 60€ to 100€

  • Medium Upcycling

    Modification of the silhouette. Personalisation with embroidery or more elaborate applications. Addition of small knitted elements.

    From 200€

  • Top Upcycling

    Overstitching of the garment. Creation of elaborate embroideries with the application of a variety of materials. Creation of knitted or crocheted parts or accessories.

    from 200€

  • Embroidery

    Custom embroidery according to the customer's style and aesthetics. Basic embroidery. Three-dimensional embroidery. Embroidery with applications.

    from 40€

  • Knitting

    Knitting to customise garments or modify the silhouette. Simple stitch knitwear. Fancy stitch knitting. Crochet.

    From 40€

  • Special Materials

    Leather work with the#039;use of crochet to customise garments or to create accessories to match.

    From 60€


    Flaviana Boni

    Hi Asia, I picked up the parcel on Friday, everything was wonderful thank you very much, I will post some stories later this week :) I send you a hug and thanks again ❤️ Flaviana

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