Discover a whole new world of fashion
with Menabòh & transforms your
forgotten or unused clothes into
stylish & eco-friendly masterpieces

Our mission at Menabòh is to reduce fashion  waste without compromising style. We connect people with unused or preloved clothes to a network of fashion expert  who breathe new life into these garments through Upcycling. 

By promoting sustainability and creativity in the fashion industry, we aim to extend the life of clothing and make fashion more eco-friendly and inspiring.  

We believe in the power of upcycling to reduce
fashion waste and promote sustainability

Gaia, Founder of Menabòh, moved from Milan to her small hometown near Florence during the pandemic. 

One day, curiosity led her to explore her mother’s attic and she was amazed by the treasures she found.


This experience gave her the idea that someone else’s closet could hold surprises and joy. Gaia realized that old or forgotten clothes can still have untold stories and potential. 


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