Alice R.

Upcycling Designer


Explorer, classic, timeless, minimalist, charming.

I am Alice, a fashion designer, seamstress, and creative. After completing a three-year course in men’s tailoring, where I learned the true traditional art of tailoring, and gaining various work experiences, I have decided to reinvigorate my career and delve deeper into bringing out my more artistic side. So, I have also earned a degree in Fashion Design. I am a lover of art, fashion, fabrics, and vintage items. In fact, I adore ‘vintage treasures,’ especially clothing and items that can be given a fresh style and a new lease on life, always with a keen eye on sustainability.


Shoulder and sleeve circumference reduction of an outerwear piece.
from 50€ to 60€
Transforming a dress into a two-piece suit.
from 80€ to 90€
Swapping buttons with vintage and sought-after pieces.
from 25€ to 30€
Adding trimmings to hems/collars/cuffs.
from 40€ to 50€