Ana Maria B.T.

Upcycling Designer


Maximalist, 90s, Romantic, Soft-Gothic, Classic.

Hello! My name is Ana Maria, I am an art historian, creative director, and textile artisan. I often describe myself as a flâneur, someone who strolls, observes society, and can find beauty even in the simplest and most unusual corners. This sensitivity is undoubtedly my most precious creative tool, allowing me to create unique pieces through upcycling. Since I was a child, I loved customizing not only my clothes but also my entire Barbie wardrobe! I’m passionate about textures and volumes, drawing inspiration from embroidery, painting, and textile manipulation. I believe that fashion is the right way to express ourselves and, above all, to have fun!


Upcycling Accessories: Earrings Focus
from 60€
Upcycling Clothing: Rococo T-shirts Focus
from 30€
Upcycling: Transforming a garment into a new one.
from 100€