Federica L.

Upcycling Designer


Contemporary, Vintage-inspired, Playful, Tailored, Feminine.

I am Federica, a Fashion Designer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Fashion has always been my passion and personal expression. I started upcycling many years ago, believing it to be crucial for the sustainability of fashion. We live in a time when more is thrown away than repaired, but I want to make a difference. The key is to see the potential in every garment and create together with the clients. My commitment is to reduce waste and make fashion more sustainable and circular.


Full Upcycling: complete transformation into accessories or clothing items by completely altering the structure.
from 90€
Partial Upcycling: transformation from clothing items while keeping the base and modifying them without completely altering the structure.
from 70€
from 50€
from 25€