Ilenia Petti & Stefania Masetti

Upcycling Designer


Sartorial. Clean. Creative. Eclectic. Sustainable.

We believe in the beauty of vintage fabrics and in giving garments and accessories a new life. Tailored stories and sustainable concepts based on a creative process that feeds on inspiration and research. Our aim is to create uniqueness in garments without neglecting trends. Curious and creative, always looking for personal challenges to express our passion. Ilenia: with a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Urbino, she deepened her love for upcycling and gained experience in the style office, thanks to which she nurtured a focus on the sustainable world. Stefania: a training as a Fashion Designer that allows her to nurture experience in graphic design and the world of tailoring, resulting in unique and meaningful garments.


Basic Upcycling
from 40€ to 60€
Medium Upcycling
from 60€ to 100€
Top Upcycling
from 100€
from 40€


We promise to give you only cool stuff and a 10% discount