Letizia A.

Upcycling Embroiderer


Classic, Irregular, Moody, Street, Sustainable

I am Letizia, a fashion designer and stylist with a deep passion for contemporary art. My inspiration comes from the creative manipulation of fabrics; my world is in between of fashion and art, aiming to turn every garment into a masterpiece. I’m specialize in handcrafted embroidery, focusing on motivational and decorative lettering, similar to tattoos, to add a personal touch to garments. I’m ready to apply my creativity to your motivations and inspirations, breathing new life into your clothing, just as I’ve done with mine!

Embroidery information: The fonts are available in the images, but I can also create them based on request. Embroidery can be done with or without dangling threads.


Small: Letters height 1,5 cm; maximum 7/8 words Medium: Letters height 3/3,5 cm; maximum 7/8 words Big: Small: Letters height until 7cm; maximum 5 words


Basic Block Letter Embroidery
Small 20€; Medium 30€; Big 40€
Ricamo Stampatello svuotato, Corsivo svuotato, Gotico svuotato
Small 30€; Medium 42€; Big 55€
Ricamo Stampatello pieno, Corsivo pieno, Gotico pieno
Small 45€; Medium 65€; Big 95€