Margherita Manetti

Upcycling Designer

Terranuova Bracciolini

Coloured. Homemade. Recycled. 90's style. Mixed.

Hello, I’m Margherita, and I have had a deep passion for creation since I was a child. I studied at Polimoda, and I have always been experimenting. My career started in high-fashion companies and tailoring, where I learned to sew, refine garments, and manage various aspects of the production process. Today I also work on wedding dresses. I’m a passionate experimenter, always eager to challenge myself. Upcycling has become a way for me to express my creativity and breathe new life into seemingly insignificant garments. Today, I define myself as a blend of creativity and technical skills, a dreamer and a realist, with a strong connection to the earth but a head full of ideas.


Basic Upcycling
from 40€ to 60€
Medium Upcycling
from 60€ to 100€
Top Upcycling
from 100€
from 40€


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