Sara Lanciani

Upcycling Designer


Contrasts. Contamination. Alloure romantic. Rock Soul. Vintage flavour.

I am Sara and I have been working in the fashion industry for almost 20 years, specialising in recent years as a freelance lingerie and beachwear designer. Craftsmanship, elegance, contrasts and experimentation is where all my inspiration comes from. I am always looking for new stimuli and in what I create I try to convey my ideals, taste and sensitivity: a glance at the past for a romantic retro flavour and a glance at the future for a modern, detail-oriented style. I love decorating and customising garments with the ancient Indian BlockPrint technique, sewing with gold threads inspired by the art of Japanese Kintsugi, or inlaying fabrics by applying precious lace and embroidery with a vintage flavour. Upcycling for me is the best expression of contemporary fashion.


Basic Upcycling
from 40€ to 60€
Medium Upcycling
from 60€ to 100€
Top Upcycling
from 100€
from 40€


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