Sol Gabriel

Upcycling Designer


Innovative, Functional, Contemporary, Unexpected, Lively

I am a designer originally from Argentina. With extensive experience in bag design, costume creation for movie and theater, and a strong commitment to sustainability. In addition to my work in theatrical costume design, I am a committed advocate for sustainable fashion through recycling. Over time, I focused my attention on reviving wool and vintage clothing, breathing new life into these timeless materials.


Basic Restyling: A simple transformation proposal for the original garment, adding fabric/accessory with the aim of refreshing the garment.
from 35€
Full Restyling: Rethinking the garment by changing its initial use and proposing a restyling that includes new fabrics, accessories, and decorations.
from 50€
Mix and Match: Proposal for the reuse of two or three garments that, when combined, create a new piece. It can include the use of accessories.
from 40€