Andrea M.

Upcycling Designer


Textural, Androgynous, Romantic, Minimal, Research, and Attention to Detail

My career began with experiences as a fur and leather goods designer, along with a role as an accessories designer. Winning the prestigious MMaxward allowed me to present my collection “Amara Meraviglia,” based on the concept of upcycling and inspired by my motherhood. My main passion is manipulating materials (knitting and embroidery) to create something unexpected and unique. That’s why I embraced upcycling: my goal is to create garments that express our creativity and enable a dialogue through fashion.



Basic Upcycling
from 40€ to 100€
Medium Upcycling
from 100€ to 200€
Special Upcycling
from 200€
Special Projects: Embroidery (basic, crochet, or with appliqués)
from 40€