How does Menabòh work?

Step 1_Connect with one of our experts and upload photos of your clothing item: explore our network of designers to find your favorite, then submit your upcycling request by filling out a simple form that will provide the designer with all the information they need.

Step 2_ Receive your Upcycling proposal: after the designer has received your request, they will create a proposal on how to modify your clothing item based on your needs and style You will be able to receive up to two upcycling proposals.

Step 3_Confirm, pay, and send the clothing item: once satisfied with the proposal and the project is confirmed, you can directly send the clothing item to the designer (we will take care of the shipping process)

Step_4 Wear your upcycled garment, enjoy, and share your experience with your friends!

How long does it take to receive my order?

Currently, it takes about 2 business days to receive your upcycling proposal. After payment and once the designer receives your clothing item, it will take approximately 4 business days to prepare it and have it shipped back to your address.

How many Upcycling proposals can I receive?

If you are not satisfied with the first Upcycling proposal, you can contact us directly from the order email to request a second proposal. We remind you that the proposals are sent separately and up to a maximum of two.

Upcycling & Repair

Who performs Upcycling on my clothing?

We have a network of experienced designers, tailors, and artists to provide upcycling and creative recycling services.

Where are repairs and alterations carried out?

All our services are carried out directly by our experts. We guarantee your garments the care and attention they deserve.

What happens if my clothes get damaged?

If your clothes sustain damage while in our care, we will do everything possible to repair them and return them to you in the best possible condition. However, we understand that in some cases, the damage may be irreparable, or the cost of repair may not be feasible. In such situations, we will promptly contact you to discuss the severity of the damage and propose alternatives. For Menabòh, the priority is to provide exceptional and satisfying customer service.

Services and Prices

What are the prices of Menabòh?

You can easily view the costs of each designer and services within their profile. The prices listed below are just an estimate: our Expert will create a proposal based on the budget you select in your survey, and the final price will be agreed upon later. However, for orders that require greater complexity, such as delicate materials, premium finishes, intricate construction, additional fabrics and embellishments, or specialized machinery, prices may differ from these general guidelines.

– Upcycling from 40€ to 100€

– Upcycling from 100€ to 200€

– Upcycling from 200€

– Tailoring Service from 30€

– Special Project: Each expert can offer special services such as painting or embroidery; check their prices within their profile.

What are our services?

Upcycling: It’s a creative and sustainable process that extends the lifecycle of your garments by altering them, transforming them entirely, or adding a stylish touch. The ultimate goal is to prevent garments from ending up in landfills.

Tailoring Service: Restoration or correction of defects, damages, or wear on clothes or fabrics through tailoring skills and sewing techniques. This type of service may include repairing tears, button replacement, size adjustments, hem corrections, and zipper repairs.

Special Services: Our special services are crafted by artists who, using various techniques, can rejuvenate clothing items. Some examples include embroidery, painting, and unique upcycling with leftover fabrics.

Details on Services

Menabòh will assess the requested service and the selected budget, providing feedback if there are elements to discuss with the client, such as specific fabrics or intricate workmanship, etc. If the selected expert is not the most suitable for the requested reworking, Menabòh will guide you to a new expert.

Pickup and Delivery

How do I package my clothes for pickup?

After payment, you will receive an email with the shipping label; at that point, you can package your order securely. Print the label and attach it to the top of the package. We remind you that pickup and delivery are managed by Menabòh. When it comes to delivery, the package will be delivered directly to your door. Please ensure that the items are clean and in good condition, free from dirt or stains (otherwise, let us know)! It’s crucial to enable extraordinary upcycling and ensure that our experts have the best possible conditions to work.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping is at the user’s expense. The cost has a base of 10€ but may vary depending on the shipping zone. 

Shipping costs outside of Italy vary depending on the country’s location. For shipments to Europe, it is possible to request a quote with the corresponding transportation costs.