Giulia Mori

Upcycling Designer


Mix and match. Preppy. Female. Researched. Retrò.

I am Giulia, a designer and stylist with a passion for fashion and art since a young age. After graduating in Fashion Design from Polimoda, I completed an internship in New York and worked in the bridal and haute couture sector for Antonella Rossi, a historic brand in my family. I have also designed collections for other brands, focusing on the world of lingerie and sustainable fashion. In 2016, I co-founded the brand Annagiulia with one of my sisters, with a focus on clean design, high-quality fabrics, and inspiration from the worlds of lingerie and tailor-made fashion. I teach Fashion Styling in Florence and organize artistic workshops. I love music, painting, traveling, and listening to people, with the hope of continuing to do what I love no matter which direction life takes me.


Basic Upcycling
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Medium Upcycling
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Top Upcucling
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Special Project
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