Upcycling Designer


Kind, Eccentric, Ethereal, Nostalgic, Spontaneous.

From the beginning of my career in fashion, I have felt the need to promote positive change. Environmental issues, reusability, and opposition to consumerism drive my daily actions My brand, ‘millitich,’ is born from love and anger. I love reusability, creativity, and craftsmanship, but I am angry with a world that has lost its morality. My purpose is to value what is often overlooked: the time and effort required to create handmade pieces. I want to breathe new life into forgotten fabrics and garments, making them shine in such a frenetic world, returning to them the light they deserve.


from 40€
Upcycling: from one garment to a new one with the addition of an accessory
from 60€
from 40€