Valentina R.

Upcycling Designer


Chaos, Eternal Youth, Consistency, Colors, Freedom

Since I was a child, I have always rejected superficiality and preferred the company of adults. This made me feel a bit out of place among my peers, who seem immersed in frivolity and dependent on social media. My passion for art led me to study graphic design and fashion, aiming to combine creativity and aesthetics. In 2019, I created my brand “VR di Rio Valentina,” known for its craftsmanship and uniqueness. My products, made in Italy, reflect the inspiration I find in the sky and its ever-changing beauty. I want those who wear my garments to experience the same feeling of freedom and happiness that I feel when looking at the sky. In a world captivated by technology and machines, “handmade” holds value and authenticity for me.


Basic Upcycling
from 40€ to 100€
Medium Upcycling
from 100€ to 200€
Special Upcycling
from 200€
Special Projects: Fabric Painting (Customizing a garment with paintings depicting one or more elements belonging to the Sky)
from 70€